Tuingo Hand Massager
Tuingo Hand Massager
Tuingo Hand Massager
Tuingo Hand Massager
Tuingo Hand Massager

Tuingo Hand Massager

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A healthy massage in the convenience of your own home

You deserve painless & relaxing days!

You want to get rid off finger numbness, joint soreness, relieve the pain from arthritis or carpal tunnel and relax your hand after a long day of working. We designed the most efficient finger & palm massager with heat for your needs.

No matter if you do manual work, play an instrument, type at work or play sports, you will feel its wonders on your tired hands and enjoy a relaxing mood with this handheld massager.

It allows you to relieve your achy muscles and lessen your hand discomfort in the privacy of your own home!

The wellness of your hands is a primary concern.

The Tuingo Hand Massager was created with your needs in mind, and it aids in the relief of tired, painful, tense, and twisted hands. According to scientific research, a daily hand massage may help reduce stress.

The soft interior cushion ensures 100% comfort and the tingling feeling is normal during any type of massage. Once you charge it, you can use it for hours.

It delivers a relaxing fingers and wrist massage. While gradually stretching your palm and fingers, the air compression cells wrap your whole hand, pulsating rhythmically to apply progressive pressure and relieve hand discomfort.

How does it operate?

1. The Tuingo Hand Massager uses built-in air compression and nodes to target pressure spots in your hand, relaxing your whole hand and fingers.

2. It has 2 hand-size options (female/male). As a result, the Tuingo Hand Massager can adjust to your hand for a more personal massage.

3. You can personalize your massage by setting 3 pressure programs with 2 heat levels.

The Tuingo Hand Massager is GREAT for gifts too!

The Tuingo Hand Massager is the ideal present for anybody suffering from hand discomfort, and it is an excellent treatment for Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis, Neuropathy, Strain Injury, Stiffness, Cold Hands, Trigger Finger, Inflammation, Numbness.

Product information

  • Includes: 1 Tuingo Hand Massager. 1 USB (Type-C) charging cable. BONUS: 1 Finger Massager.
  • Modes: 3 massage and 2 heat modes. 2 hand size types (female/male).